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Long Term Care Insurance Information and Resources

From dependable tools to a step-by-step guide, the Association for Long Term Care Planning provides easy-to-understand options in creating a suitable long term care plan for every person.

Equip yourself with the necessary information to face the challenges that long term care could bring on you and your family.

Long Term Care 101


Learn about the essentials of long term care in order to create a more personalized plan. Here are the key points you need to know as you start planning.

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Insurance Info


Designed specifically for each policyholder, LTCI provides coverage that would fit your needs and budget. Get more information on these policies.

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Myths vs. Facts

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We all have set notions of what long term care is all about, but not all of them are true. Find out which is fact and which is fiction.

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Retirement Planning


A complete retirement plan involves more than setting money aside. Discover the steps you need to take in order to be fully prepared.

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Long Term Care Costs

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Where you live matters because the cost of care varies in every state. Take a look at home much it costs in your area.

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Resources and Tools


Be as hands-on in planning your long term care as you can be. Access these online resources that can help you craft a plan that caters to your specific need.

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