Catering to All Generations

Association for Long Term Care Planning ( is a long term care insurance agency that provides free long term care information, resources, and expert planning advice to anyone regardless of age.


The misconception among Americans is that long term care only applies to the elderly. However, the need for this type of care can strike anyone overnight. This means that the high costs of care could just be around the corner, and this can take a devastating turn very quickly without a comprehensive plan in place. This is what strives to get across.


Going Above and Beyond has one main goal in mind: help Americans secure a stable future through long term care information and coverage.

“70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long term care in their lives.”

  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Our mission is to raise long term care awareness and promote self-education on the need to plan for long term care. Many Americans lack the sense urgency in preparing for their future care needs.


As a key player in the long term care industry, wishes to instill this necessity among every American, therefore, rebirthing a generation of self-aware and well-protected individuals.


With this knowledge, Americans will be able to properly prepare for the financial and emotional burden that long term care may place on their families. Moreover, with planning advice from experts, individuals can discover products and services suitable for their retirement planning needs.



Be an advocate for long term care awareness and readiness – join the Association for Long Term Care Planning or by sending us a message through our Contact page.