According to ACSIA Partners, a leading long term care insurance policy company, almost all Americans who are 50 years old struggle to cover the high cost of long term care. But don’t fret because according to ACSIA, there are two ways to overcome this hurdle. First, you should determine if there is a gap between… read more

Long term care is described as a pressing need among seniors nowadays because of the fact that 7 out of 10 of Americans will require this type of care in the future. It’s a need that people should give importance to since its cost is steadily increasing today. Experts say that location is the main… read more

  More than 10 million Americans need long term care services and support. 4 million are children and working-age adults while 6 million are elderly. Having long term care insurance would be bene¬ficial for future needs especially when approaching retirement age. Here are simple steps that could help you prepare and plan early. Here are… read more

Long term care is considered as a pressing need nowadays. Despite the urgency to prepare for this, advisers opt to divert their attention to other components of retirement planning. This is perplexing and at the same time alarming since the number of people who need long term care is growing. According to a study called… read more

Long term care is a pressing need among senior citizen nowadays, which is considered as a big financial blow. However, only a handful of people managed to purchase insurance for long term care.  To make things worse, more than 1/3 of policyholders let their policies lapse and forfeit their benefits.  It is shocking and alarming… read more