High health literacy can help baby boomers achieve one of their biggest goals: to thrive while growing older. By being equipped with the necessary information, baby boomers can make strategic decisions and remain in full control of their future. This is why they must prioritize improving health literacy just as much as saving money for… read more

LTC quotes may be the last thing on your mind as you celebrate Fourth of July. After all, this is the time reserved for family and friends. However, as you all prepare for the festivities, we encourage you to use this time to discuss long term care options with your family members and loved ones…. read more

Long-term care and retirement planning are two of the biggest challenges that baby boomers must overcome now. Yet, not many know how to navigate the process successfully.  As 10,000 individuals from this generation retire daily, the country is on the verge of what is being dubbed as the silver tsunami. The questions we now pose… read more

Having a comprehensive long-term care plan is necessary for every baby boomer today. If you look at the costs of all the care services in the country, you will find that even the lowest rates in the most budget-friendly states are not, well, cheap. These can amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars that Americans… read more

Long-term care coverage barely comes to mind when adult children think of buying Father’s Day gifts for their aging dads. However, as unconventional as these policies may be, gifting long-term care plans provides aging loved ones one invaluable gift you wouldn’t typically associate with insurance plans: the ability to age independently. You may not realize… read more

Long-term care planning requires teamwork between the baby boomer planning to retire and the industry expert with all the necessary data. In order to establish a good long-term care plan that will stay comprehensive and reliable even after decades, soon-to-be retirees ought to consult with industry professionals and allow them to guide in planning.  … read more

“Do I really need long term care (LTC) insurance?” This is perhaps one of the biggest questions that baby boomers are struggling to answer. One the one hand, these policies provide comprehensive coverage that gives them the peace mind in knowing that their care expenses are covered. It helps them sleep better knowing that they… read more

Long term care (LTC) insurance coverage is a product that provides Americans the means to fund the long term care services that they need whether in their elder years, during an illness, or after an accident. As many households may be aware, LTC services in the United States are sky-rocketing to unaffordable prices. So many… read more