Mother’s day is fast approaching, and it is around this time that children begin searching for the perfect gift for Mom. Although handbags, bouquets of her favorite flowers, and heartfelt notecards always do the trick, consider an unconventional but practical gift that she and Dad will benefit from for years to come. Naturally, we are… read more

As it has become an integral part of every long term care planning essentials guide, a long term care policy is becoming a big question on everyone’s minds. Yes, it is true that they cost a lot of money. However, they provide a comprehensive solution that cannot be overlooked to one of America’s biggest problems:… read more

What makes a good retirement plan? For many individuals, a plan is considered good when it is comprehensive—well thought out and covers all the bases. However, what makes a retirement plan comprehensive will depend on multiple factors and circumstances that surround the individual. This means that what might work for another person and what he… read more

Long term care planning is absolutely necessary for Americans today. Because of recent developments and challenges thrown their way, so many individuals are at a high risk of facing long term care costs without the proper resources. From the lack of retirement savings to the escalating amounts of debt, so many Americans are transitioning into… read more

  Families celebrate Easter in different and exciting ways—Easter Egg Hunts, bountiful feasts, and even crafts making. However, there are family members that we should always, always take into consideration as we make our preparations: our aging parents.   The lives of our aging parents can be quite stressful. There are always big decisions to… read more

This month’s digest focuses on the different facets of aging in place. We have compiled 10 articles and studies by industry experts to explore the various parts of this growing trend across generations.     Aging in place is becoming the dream to achieve for most seniors and soon-to-be retirees. After all, who can deny… read more

Long term care coverage is one of the biggest issues in America today. Because of various factors and unique circumstances, many Americans find themselves ill-equipped to face the costs imposed on care. And despite the prevalence of long term care educational resources and reminders, many individuals still find themselves unable to plan accordingly.   What… read more

Dementia care is difficult because of all the changes the care recipient goes through. No amount of money or precaution can fully prepare families for when dementia strikes a loved one, and this reality is even more devastating for many couples. To illustrate, here is a video we came across online of Bob Treanor and… read more

Long term care insurance (LTCI) is a hot topic among generations. Is it or is it not a good type of coverage? Well, for the majority of current policyholders, this type of insurance seems to be doing the trick. Studies show that 90% of individuals covered by LTCI are satisfied with the costs, and 89%… read more

In successfully planning for retirement, you must remember to take long term care costs into great consideration. These expenses can cause a devastating blow not just to your savings but your family members’ as well. Despite the constant push for Americans to find coverage early, many still delay or forgo long term care coverage because… read more