As illustrated in this infographic, lack of coverage for long term care can have severe consequences. However, planning for care can be overwhelming with the abundance of information available online. To make the process easier, here are the basic points of long-term care to guide you through planning.

What is long term care?

It is the type of care that provides the services and support that individuals need to perform the Activities of Daily Living. Read more

Who needs long term care?

Many believe that long term care planning is a task for the elderly. While the majority of the care recipients are in their retirement years, thousands of younger people also find themselves needing some form of care earlier than they expected. Read more

Where can I receive care?

Needing long term care does not automatically equate to moving to a nursing home. Individuals getting a head-start on their long term care plans can choose from different options and facilities. Read more

How do I pay for long term care?

There are various methods of paying for your long term care. Each option caters to different types of people. Read more

Why do I need to plan for long term care?  

Each need is different for every person, but essentially, you need to plan for long term for three reasons:

  • The population is aging, and people are now vulnerable to more “sick years”
  • 70% of Americans will require some form of long term care after they turn 65
  • The cost of long term care continuously rises

Read more

When should I start planning for long term care?

Having a set plan is a necessity for everyone, but when is the best time to start? Is it okay to copy my friend’s LTC plan? Read more

How much does long term care cost?  

70% of Americans find themselves needing some form of long term care after turning 65. However, no one can truly know how much care they will end up needing, and this makes proper planning more vital. Read more

Long term care myths vs. facts

Misconceptions about long term care are common among individuals. These wrong notions often prevent people from exploring their options fully. Read more


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