LTC quotes may be the last thing on your mind as you celebrate Fourth of July. After all, this is the time reserved for family and friends. However, as you all prepare for the festivities, we encourage you to use this time to discuss long term care options with your family members and loved ones.


LTC Quotes


Involving Your Family and Friends in the Discussion

No man is an island, which means that long term care planning should involve family members and loved ones. Although the decisions are up to you, remember that they will also feel effects if the situation turns for the worse.


As you all gather for the festivities, dedicate a portion of your time to talk about the future with your kids and your spouse. Yes, it is an unconventional topic, especially for such a festive occasion, and talking about growing older and needing help is not exactly the strong suit of baby boomers. However, it is also important to take advantage of having everyone in one place. This way, you get to cross out an important step early.


Exploring Independence through a Policy

Independence is absolutely vital for many baby boomers, especially when they think about growing older and needing care. Not many people have realized this yet, but LTC policies have the power to secure independence.


“How?” You may ask. Well, these policies provide coverage for the care expenses that seem to be growing non-stop. It is no secret that the rates for LTC services in the country are some of the biggest worries of baby boomers. If you are planning for retirement, you may have read about the horror stories about one-star nursing homes and abusive caregivers; no one wants that in their future. However, many are left with limited choices because of affordability.


This is one of the scenarios that LTC policies protect its policyholders from. It secures independence by providing the financial means that allow the ability to choose. So if you are part of the 9 out of 10 individuals who wish to stay at home, then this option provides a way for you to do so without stress.


Yes, these insurance policies also come with a cost, as you will see when you request LTC quotes. However, the costs are broken down into manageable portions, unlike sudden care expenses that can reach hundreds of thousands dollars in over a year.


Welcoming the Fourth of July with a Bang

The fact is 10,000 baby boomers transition into retirement every day. As one generation, we must all encourage each other to start looking at long term care planning as a progressive step towards a better future. We need to stop tiptoeing around the topic because it makes us uncomfortable. The reality is that it may be just around the corner, and so many are still not prepared for it.


Use this opportunity of being surrounded by family members and positive energy, and take the first step. You can start by requesting for instant long term care insurance quotes at home. This way, you get to examine your LTC quotes with the support of your family members.


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