Community care is the type of care that relieves caregivers for a portion of the day. Individuals may choose from the following:

  • Adult day care centers cater to the needs of elderly individuals during the day. Similar child day care centers, these facilities help families care for their loved ones without sacrificing their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Home care agencies provide either scheduled caregiver visits or assistance with household chores such as meal preparations, housekeeping, or other labor-heavy activities.
  • Continuing care retirement communities are clusters of homes and apartments in which elderly individuals can enjoy independent living while still receiving basic care.
  • Transportation services allow elderly individuals a way to move around the community when they can no longer drive for themselves.
  • Respite Care, as the name suggests, relieves caregivers from providing care temporarily. In these places, other caregivers take over the duties for a short duration of time.
  • Meal programs are by headed by volunteers that ensure seniors have complete meals prepared for them.
  • Villages are run by volunteers in the area to help older the growing older population remain longer in their homes through various neighbor-helping-neighbor systems.