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In light of the Rio 2016 Olympics, we would like to focus our weekly roundup on information that assists seniors in maintaining an active lifestyle. As part of our efforts to spread awareness and become a one-stop shop for everyone, here are tips from various groups on how to maintain fitness effectively, efficiently, and more importantly, safely.

Stay Hydrated, Eat Protein: Nutrition Tips for Seniors

One of the basic ways of effectively maintaining one’s fitness is through a balanced diet. Heather Schwartz shares through A Place for Mom helpful and safe nutrition tips for seniors, especially during the summer.

15 Balance Exercises for Seniors

Falls are so common and dangerous among the elderly. So many seniors end up injured because lost their balance and slipped. To avoid this from happening, Kristin Hicks of SeniorAdvisor.com compiles 15 exercises, ranging from easy to advanced, which older individuals can do to improve their balance.

6 Breathing Exercises for Older Adults

For physical exercises and workout routines to be effective, individuals ought to know how to breathe properly. Controlled breathing has so many benefits for older individuals, but it is important to note that these should be done correctly. Kendal at Home shares six breathing that seniors can practice to go along with their regular exercises.

Calf Exercises for Seniors and The Elderly; Calf Raises

Exercises which target specific areas of the body can be beneficial and rewarding. It doesn’t only strengthen that specific muscle group; it also improves other bodily functions. Eldergym Senior Fitness features calf exercises for older adults that not only improve balance and strength but also aid in pumping blood to the upper body and brain. Additionally, other lower body exercises are included in the article to help seniors target specific places that need strengthening.

Aqua exercises: Gentle on bones, joints, muscles

Another great way for seniors to achieve or maintain fitness safely is through water workouts. As shared on KTVZ.com, aqua exercises can help individuals stay active, but at a lower risk of pain or injuries.

Share with us your exercise routines and healthy diet tips!

Health and fitness differ for everyone. What might work for someone might not work for another, so how are you keeping fit safely? Let us know!

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