Fighting Alzheimers

As we officially kick off World Alzheimer’s Month, we aim to highlight the various developments and advancements that will take us one step closer to finding the ultimate cure to Alzheimer’s disease. This roundup also features the various methods that individuals can do to prevent the disease from happening as we all wait to find the solution to the problem that is Alzheimer’s disease.

To take part in this campaign to spread awareness, we encourage every person to start planning for their future as early as now. The cost of care, especially for this disease, is not an easy financial burden to bear. The lack of planning could drive a person and his or her family to bankruptcy. Individuals can take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. After all, online resources and long term care planning tools are freely available to those who wish to start planning now.

When one in three seniors dies from this disease or another form of dementia, the necessity for every person to have a fail-safe plan up their sleeves becomes more urgent. While it is already alarming at this stage, the figures are expected to jump from five million to 13.8 million individuals living with the disease by 2050.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Period Pain Drug Cures Symptoms In Mice, New Research Shows

So many experts and researchers have teamed up to find that coveted cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and it seems like the University of Manchester is getting closer. Seerat Chabba of International Business Times shares this promising development where a common Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug used to relieve menstrual pains completely reversed the inflammation of the brain and lost memory among the mice researchers tested it on.

Juicing for Alzheimer’s Prevention

Alissa Sauer of features various juice recipes that can help boost brain functions. Why is this a great idea? According to the study from Vanderbilt University, regular juicing can cut the risk of Alzheimer’s by 76%. So start juicing!

Alzheimer’s Disease 2016: 5 Breakthrough Discoveries For Treating Brain Disorder

Various organizations and institutions have been continuously working to discover the best way to combat and prevent Alzheimer’s from devastating individuals and their families. From antibiotics to marijuana, Medical Daily’s Samantha Olson lists the five breakthrough findings that could treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Arthritis Drug May Have Benefits Against Alzheimer’s

Researchers, as featured by Nicholas Bakalar on The New York Times’ blog post, were able to determine that a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis might be the key to finally controlling Alzheimer’s disease. However, they would still need to conduct clinical trials to prove it.

Can a Mediterranean diet slow the advance of Alzheimer’s?

Mediterranean cuisine has been proven to reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other illnesses. But now, as shared by the Providence Medical Group, this healthy diet appears to also keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

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