Who’s thrilled for the holidays as we are? Christmas presents and some much-deserved quality time with the family—we cannot help but buzz with excitement! But before we get caught up in the preparations and festivities, ALTCP.org would like to encourage family members to take their senior relatives into account. This is why, similar to our previous post entitled, 35 Ways to Make 2016’s Thanksgiving Remarkable for Your Senior Relatives (+10 Bonus Ideas), we bring to you gift ideas that seniors will appreciate and love, as well as safe activities that they could participate in, during the upcoming holidays.


Let us all help each other in making safety a priority this Christmas! Please share this post with your friends and family to help other families make the Yuletide season extra special for their senior loved ones. Cheers!

Gifts and Activities for Seniors

In the movie A Christmas Story, Ralphie said, “Christmas was on its way. Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, upon which the entire kid year revolved.” But Christmas is not just for kids, is it? It is lovely, glorious, and beautiful for kids and adults alike. With the fairy lights lighting up the city at night, the extra bounce in the steps of shoppers as they buy presents, and the chilly, excited buzz in the air, it is hard not to be caught up in the thrill that the holiday season brings.


So, as we all busy ourselves with recipes and gift wrapping, let us also make sure that elderly relatives and loved ones can take part in the celebrations.

Gift Ideas

Tablets, iPads, or Smartphones

Seniors have been stereotyped as the generation reluctant to use technology. They have always been portrayed as hostile toward anything that required mobile phones, computers, and the internet. However, this is far from reality. For many seniors, technology has provided so much relief and ease in their lives, and they have fully welcomed it into their lives. A study done by Michigan State University researcher William Chopik shows that 72% of older adults with an average age of 68 are not opposed to learning new technologies. They also use technology to maintain their social connections and make their lives easier. On top of that, some older adults use technology as often as younger adults do.


With that in mind, giving senior loved ones tablets, iPads, or smartphones might be the best present that no one expected.


Talking Watches and Alarms

Vision problems are common among older individuals. This makes mundane tasks, like telling the time and setting alarms, an inconvenience. So, while it might not be a grand present, talking watches and alarms will certainly be useful.


No one really thinks of this when trying to come up with items to give their senior relatives. However, it does make life easier for older individuals.


Key Finder

Young or old, everyone seems to lose keys a lot. And trying to locate them can be the most cumbersome task in the world. Now, imagine how frustrating it must be like for arthritic seniors who might misplace their keys now and then. Key finders reduce the hassle of going around the house and inspecting every surface or drawing, trying to find your keys.

Scrapbook of Memories

Gifts do not always have to cost a great deal of money. After all, it is the thought that counts, right? No one appreciates this more than seniors gifted with anything that brings back memories. Something as simple as a scrapbook of pictures could be priceless to older relatives. It can be such a fulfilling experience to look back and see how far a person has come.



Christmas-Themed Family Movie Night

It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street — a Christmas-themed movie marathon is always a great idea during the holidays. It is a great activity for the whole family because everyone, from the younger ones to the seniors, can enjoy it. It is entertaining enough for the younger kids and not too taxing for the older generations.


Party Games

They might not be able to participate in relays that involve a lot of running and moving around, but seniors are serious contenders in other games. Play on everyone’s competitive nature by choosing games that are simple but fun like:

  • Marshmallow Toss – shoot as many marshmallows into a basket or through a wreath
  • Guess How Many – guess how many cranberries, coins, or gumdrops are in a large container
  • Christmas Trivia – answer as many trivia questions you can


Christmas Carol Sing-Along

Nothing says Christmas like gathering with the family and singing Christmas carols together. You can even make a game out of it! Pick a Christmas carol that everyone knows, and then sing one line each. One person will point to whoever goes next, and the song must continue. The person who gets it wrong will have to do a little dare.

The Spirit of Giving

Bear in mind that Christmas is a time for family and loved ones. It is a time to reconnect with the members who might be living busy lives in other parts of the country, and it is also an opportunity to show the elders how much we value and appreciate them.


One important gift that people often do not realize is long term care coverage. Not many people realize the value of time and preparation until they are faced with the need for long term care. By going the extra mile and giving this unconventional gift, you get to show older loved ones that you value their presence in your life. Providing them with the peace of mind in knowing that their future is secured is the most priceless gift you could ever give.



What about your family? How are you making it extra special for your senior loved ones this Yuletide season? Let us know in the comments section, so we can feature your answers!


Happy Holidays from your ALTCP family!



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