Visiting elderly parents living alone during special occasions and holidays is a perfect way to cheer them up, and to prevent isolation and loneliness. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love with your aging parents who are living independently by visiting them and spending time with them.   Tips for a Memorable Visit to Elderly Parents Living… read more

Growing old and alone is one of the new aging dilemmas Americans face today. More Americans live alone today due to several reasons. One is the fact that almost half of U.S adults are single. Another is that Americans wait too long before they get married. Another factor is about half of marriages end in divorce…. read more

Almost everyone is guilty of committing retirement planning mistakes that would hurt their chances of achieving financial security in retirement. There are myriad of reasons behind these common mistakes that retirees are guilty of doing.   One is the unfamiliarity of people when it comes to planning for retirement. Another is stick to a strategy… read more

Millions of Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and the cost of long term care is soaring, you would believe that sales of private long term care insurance would be going up as well but they’re not. So why is the number of people buying long term care insurance declining? Misconceptions About Private Long Term… read more

One of the most overlooked factors when planning for retirement is helping elderly parents financially. Most often than not, people are too consumed to meet their goals by saving enough for their future to have a comfortable retirement that they forget to check on their aging parents   If your parents’ savings and assets are… read more

Current estimates show that 70% of individuals aging 65 and above will need care. Meanwhile, 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 will require care of some sort. Given these figures, long term care is a need that can befall many, including you. This must have prompted you to start working on… read more

Most of us are guilty letting our finances get lost in the shuffle during the holiday season, but we don’t want you to become a statistic, so we came up with easy money saving ideas you can follow. It is tempting to cut yourself some slack since it’s the holiday season and this only happens… read more

As a long term care beneficiary, you need to handle your long term care expenses skillfully. The benefits from long term care come at a cost. You have to spend money so you can cope with aging, disability, or chronic illness. By valuing the importance of proper planning you can live with ease and with… read more