The youngest of the baby boomers are just a few short years from turning 65. However, the ongoing changes and the obvious struggles of the ones who retired before them have left the younger boomers hesitant to take the step.   Perhaps, one of the biggest concerns on their minds right now is long term… read more

Here’s what you are up against:   Retirement expenses have sky-rocket to levels that are nearly impossible for many Americans to afford without any help. Comfortable retirement now appears to be a luxury that only the ultra rich can afford with ease. In fact, reports show that you would need $350,000 just to cover health… read more

Delayed retirement is increasingly becoming popular among baby boomers, and it is primarily because of two reasons:   Longevity and the lack of retirement savings.   As many of you are aware of by now, turning 65 years old opens us to a great deal of uncertainty. Many are living longer lives than they initially… read more

The reality in the United States is this:   Baby boomer retirement is on the verge of a crisis: many are still have no retirement savings, the older ones have run out of money funding their long term care costs, and the younger ones are at a loss of ways to plan effectively.   So,… read more

High health literacy can help baby boomers achieve one of their biggest goals: to thrive while growing older. By being equipped with the necessary information, baby boomers can make strategic decisions and remain in full control of their future. This is why they must prioritize improving health literacy just as much as saving money for… read more

LTC quotes may be the last thing on your mind as you celebrate Fourth of July. After all, this is the time reserved for family and friends. However, as you all prepare for the festivities, we encourage you to use this time to discuss long term care options with your family members and loved ones…. read more

Long-term care and retirement planning are two of the biggest challenges that baby boomers must overcome now. Yet, not many know how to navigate the process successfully.  As 10,000 individuals from this generation retire daily, the country is on the verge of what is being dubbed as the silver tsunami. The questions we now pose… read more

Having a comprehensive long-term care plan is necessary for every baby boomer today. If you look at the costs of all the care services in the country, you will find that even the lowest rates in the most budget-friendly states are not, well, cheap. These can amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars that Americans… read more