Long term care coverage is one of the biggest issues in America today. Because of various factors and unique circumstances, many Americans find themselves ill-equipped to face the costs imposed on care. And despite the prevalence of long term care educational resources and reminders, many individuals still find themselves unable to plan accordingly.   What… read more

Dementia care is difficult because of all the changes the care recipient goes through. No amount of money or precaution can fully prepare families for when dementia strikes a loved one, and this reality is even more devastating for many couples. To illustrate, here is a video we came across online of Bob Treanor and… read more

Long term care insurance (LTCI) is a hot topic among generations. Is it or is it not a good type of coverage? Well, for the majority of current policyholders, this type of insurance seems to be doing the trick. Studies show that 90% of individuals covered by LTCI are satisfied with the costs, and 89%… read more

In successfully planning for retirement, you must remember to take long term care costs into great consideration. These expenses can cause a devastating blow not just to your savings but your family members’ as well. Despite the constant push for Americans to find coverage early, many still delay or forgo long term care coverage because… read more

Caregiving can strengthen the bonds of relationships within the family. It can bridge gaps and heal decades-long conflicts through the connections that form during the care. However, it can also cause strains within the family. In marriages and relationships, no one really thinks of their partner caring for an aging parent until it starts happening…. read more

Family caregivers are no stranger to financial issues. When you assume the role of your family member’s primary care provider, it includes tackling the costs of their care as well as their expenses and necessities. On top of this, you also have your own finances to contend with. This is why a significant amount of… read more

Tax season always brings a special kind of headache for everyone, and those in the long term care industry could not agree more. Elderly individuals and family caregivers face a great deal of stress brought about by their day-to-day expenses. From long term care insurance premiums to advanced directives and retirement planning, they certainly have… read more

We have always associated long term care with the elderly. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, insurance policies—these do not typically cross the minds of younger generations. However, long term care planning has become a necessity even for the younger generations. Adult children caring for parents are especially in need of this, and yet they still… read more

We have all established long ago that long term care for women in United is especially difficult to deal with. Because of a number of factors that we will later discuss, women find it harder to cope with the challenges of needing care in their own country. So what can we do remain on top?… read more